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Note:  There will be no Finance meeting on Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Park Board Meeting Date and Location Change:

The December 3, 2015 (Thursday) meeting date has been changed to December 4, 2015 (Friday).  The Meeting will be held at Guise Park Lodge and will begin at 5:30 pm (right before the Tree Lighting Ceremony).
There will be no meeting at Lehner Community Center on December 3, 2015.

Water Department E-mail
City Hall
Water Department Hours - 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. The Water Department phone number is 330-688-7491. If you have a problem or a question during regular office hours, please do not hesitate to call.

You can also contact at these email addresses: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please do not send Water Bill payments to any P.O.Box address.  For information on how to pay your Water Bill and where to send payments, click here.

Emergency Information!
If you have an emergency situation after hours that requires the water to be shut off at the curb, please call 330-688-3555.

If you experience a large leak inside the house that will cause significant water damage, turn off the water supply at the meter, at once!  We suggest you familiarize yourself with the exact location of the main shutoff, and keep the pathway to the valve clear of obstructions at all times. Your water meter is located where the water supply enters your house, usually in a basement, if you have one.  Next, call the plumber and your insurance company, and ask the Water Department to take a meter reading. This is especially helpful for insurance purposes if there is damage to the home. You will be charged for the water usage, but your insurance company may reimburse you.

If repairs require a shutoff at the main valve at the curb, please call 330-688-7491.  Our technicians can be reached in the field at all times, and we will be happy to accommodate your plumbing professional. Note: The City does not register plumbing contractors as it does electrical or HVAC (Heating/Cooling) contractors. Use personal referrals or the yellow pages to find a certified plumbing professional.

Water Leaks
If your water bill seems too high this usually means there is a leak.
A water leak of any size can be very costly. The Water Department recommends giving all leaks immediate attention.

Billing & Payment Information
How We Bill
All residential accounts are billed quarterly; all commercial and industrial accounts are billed monthly. Bills show the billing period, previous and current readings, and the amount of water used, in gallons. If you have any questions about your bill, please call 330-688-7491 during normal hours.

The City of Munroe Falls charges all property owners a $3.00 per month Storm Sewer Maintenance and Operation fee, for each parcel owned. This charge appears on your quarterly or monthly bill, and covers the costs of maintaining the city's storm sewer system and leaf pick-up program.

Water bills are mailed on the 1st day of the month in January, April, July and October. Bills are always due on the 15th of the same month, except when the 15th falls on the weekend, in which case the bill is due on the following Monday. Late payments incur a penalty equal to 10% of the amount owed. You will receive a delinquent notice if your account is 30 days past due. Failure to pay a delinquent bill by the date shown on the notice results in disconnection of your water service until the balance due plus a reconnection fee are paid in full.

How to Pay
waterdeposit.jpg Pay by check or cash, or set up an ACH account and have your payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account.  You can pay your bill by mail or in person. We accept check, cash, or money order. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can also deposit payment in the red drop box located by the entrance of City Hall. The drop box is marked for water and tax payments.

To mail your payment, address it to:
Munroe Falls Water Department
43 Munroe Falls Avenue
Munroe Falls, Ohio 44262

Automatic Payments

Have your water bill payment drawn directly from your savings or checking account. No more checks, stamps or late fees!  Obtain a printed form from City Hall, or download the form here .

If You Are Not Home for a Meter Reading
If you have an inside meter and are not home when the meter reader comes, the technician will leave a yellow card for you. Please fill in the six-digit meter reading, your name and address, and mail the card to the water department, or place it in the drop box in the city hall parking lot.

The card must reach the Water Department no later than the 20th of the month. If the reading is not received by the 20th, you will see an estimated reading on your water bill, equal to 100% of your previous reading. Due to the inaccuracy of an estimated bill, costly adjustments may occur. If usage must be estimated for more than two (2) consecutive quarters, you will receive a shut off notice, and service will be disconnected until access to the meter is gained and a reconnection fee is paid.

Install an Outside Meter
outside_water_meter.jpg An outside remote meter is available to all residents for a one-time fee of $50.00, a charge that can be spread over four quarterly water bill payments. The remote meter usually takes less than one hour to install, and lets our technician read your meter without entering your home, eliminating those yellow estimate cards ! Call the Water Department at 330-688-7491 to order yours. 
The outside meter is approximately three inches square.

Meter Condition and Accessibility
Your water meter is a precision instrument that measures water usage in gallons. Built to exacting standards, your meter is carefully tested for accuracy before it is installed. While the meter is owned, installed and maintained by the Munroe Falls Water Department, you are responsible for protecting it from damage. If the meter is damaged by an overt act or neglect, meter replacement costs are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Meters must remain accessible at all times for reading, inspection and removal or replacement.

If you notice a steady decline in your usage, your meter may not be working properly. Water meters tend to slow down when they get old or need repair or replacement. The Munroe Falls Water Department replaces all meters that are 15 years old or older at no cost to our residents.

Moving In? Welcome!
All Munroe Falls water customers are required to complete and sign a Water Contract in order to obtain service. Just stop by our office. It takes only minutes and we enjoy meeting and welcoming new residents!

A Security Deposit is required for water service: $75.00 for homeowners and $150.00 for renters.

The City of Munroe Falls Water Department bills only for water service; sewer service is billed by the Summit County Department of Environmental Services (330) 926-2400.

Moving Out?
Please notify the Water Department of your impending move to schedule an appointment for a final meter reading, and shut off of the water service. Even if you have an outside meter display, all final readings must be done by our technician at the inside meter. You are billed only for the water that you use.

All water service accounts remain in your name until the account is officially closed, and you are responsible for all payment until the final service reading is recorded and the service is turned off.

Please provide your forwarding address when you call so we can send your final bill or deposit refund. Security deposits are deducted from your final bill, and any money owed you will be mailed in the form of a check from the City of Munroe Falls. Allow ample time for us to process your information and print the check.

Leaving for an Extended Time?
If you will be gone for three months or longer, you should have the water service shut off by the Water Department. To prevent pipes from freezing in winter months, pipes should be winterized by a licensed plumber. Regular anti-freeze in the lines is not permitted as this could contaminate the water supply.

The Water Department charges $34.38 for usage of 0 – 6,000 gallons of water. If you are away and there is no water used you will still be charged. The fee for turning the water off and back on is $35.00.

The City has many residents that are in other parts of the country during the harsh winter months. A single $35 shut off fee may be less expensive than minumum quarterly payments. A shut off and proper draining of home plumbing also eliminates potential damage from frozen, burst pipes if the heat goes off for an extended period of time.

We also recommend that you contact the Munroe Falls Police Department about the benefits and peace of mind provided by their "Vacation House-Watch" program.

Did you receive a high water bill?
There are some things you can do.     
First, calm down. Then read this.

Compare the reading on your bill to the reading on your water meter.  Your meter should register about the same reading or slightly higher. This tells you that you were billed correctly. If you need assistance reading the meter, or if the meter reading is lower than the reading shown on the bill, call the Water Department.

Next, take a minute to really think about how you have used water over the past three months.  Did you have any visitors?  Did your son or daughter come home from school? Have you been watering the lawn, garden, flowers or plants?  Are you absolutely sure when the automatic sprinkler system goes on -- and off again? Have the little ones been playing with the garden hose to cool off in the summer?  Maybe someone flushed a "tricky" toilet and it was unknowingly allowed to run for an extended period of time. (If you have a "tricky" toilet, you need to fix it.  Fast.)

If you were billed for the correct amount of usage and you cannot explain the sudden increase on your bill it probably means that you have a leak. On average, over 90% of high water bills are the result of an unnoticed or unknown leak.  At this point you will want to do a walk through of your home and thoroughly check for the leak.

Here's how:
  1. Locate the water meter in your house. If you have a red spinner dial this is good. Not all meters are equipped with this, especially the older ones.  The spinner is a flow indicator; when it moves, there is water passing through your meter. Then, turn off the water to all water-using appliances in your home. This can be a challenge in today's modern water loving home, so be diligent. Once you are sure everything is off, look at the flow indicator again. If it moves, there is water running somewhere.
  2. Check those toilets!  That's all of the toilets, even the ones that you don't use very often. Nine times out of 10 leaky toilets are the cause of a high water bill. Just because you don't hear a toilet running does not mean it's not leaking. With quarterly billing, a small leak adds up to a big bill over a three month period.  The Water Department has toilet test dye strips; free and available on request. You can also test for leaks with a little food coloring; put 5 or 6 drops of dark food coloring or a test dye strip in the toilet tank. Wait 20 minutes without flushing. If any color bleeds into the bowl, you have a leak.
  3. Most of the time worn out parts cause the problem, and can be fixed with little effort or expense. There are many do-it-yourself books at the library and websites that can show you how to perform minor toilet repairs.
  4. Check all of the faucets and showerheads.  Any drip, any leak – no matter how small you think it is – is a problem, and needs to be repaired. Remember, be diligent.  Do you have a spigot in your garage? Is there water access in other places on the property aside from the house?  Check the outside spigots.  Make sure they are shut off tight. Feel around. Are they wet even though you haven't used them in awhile? Check the floor for puddles around the hot water tank.  If there is water, refer to your owner's manual and seek professional help, if necessary.
  5. Do you have a humidifier on your heating system?  Do you have a reverse osmosis water softener? These are notorious for leakers!  Both are designed to contain the water, so, if there is a leak, you may not know it until you get your bill. Leaks from devices like these may not spill out onto the floor.
  6. Lawn sprinklers will cause your water bill to go up.  Most people who own lawn sprinkler systems feel that the benefits outweigh the cost, and they are prepared for the higher bills in the summer. These systems should be checked periodically to ensure thay are leak-free and operating as efficiently as possible. Some companies now offer products controlled by your home computer for maximum efficiency. The Water Department, has literature containing money saving tips to get you started.
Compare actual meter readings to the meter reading shown on your water bills; do so each quarter.  It takes only a minute, and could save you money in the long run. Readings on the outside remote meter should match those on the meter inside your house.  Inform the Water Department immediately of any discrepancies between the two meter readings.

The water department can help you check for a leaks. In worst case scenarios, we can even offer a payment arrangement to help ease the burden of an unexpected, outrageous bill, but that's pretty much it. Water conservation isn't an issue in our part of the country as it is for so many others, but globally speaking, water conservation is an issue for us all.

Consumer Confidence Reports
The City of Munroe Falls Water Department has prepared the following report on the quality of your drinking water, including general health information, water quality test results, how to participate in decisions concerning your drinking water and water system contacts.
(A physical copy of the 2014 Water Quality Report can be obtained at City Hall, 43 Munroe Falls Avenue)
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