Zoning Permits

A zoning permit must be issued prior to obtaining a building permit.

Obtain a Zoning Permit

To obtain a Zoning Permit, please contact Munroe Falls Zoning Department. 

Fees & Other Submissions

Applications must be made to the City and are to be accompanied by payment of the required fee and all other applicable submission requirements such as a site plan. The Zoning official will determine whether a site plan review is required. Applications not requiring further review will approved by the Zoning Official.

Site Plan Review

If Site Plan Review is determined a requirement for you building project you will not be issued a Zoning Permit until you are granted approval from the Planning Commission and City Council.


Once approved, the Zoning Permit will be available at Munroe Falls City Hall. An original signature is required along with applicable fees. After these steps, take your Munroe Falls Zoning Permit to the City of Stow to apply for and obtain a Building Permit. Please note that building permit fees are separate.