Town Center Master Plan

Implementation Activity

The program is underway and the following steps are completed:

  • Re-zoning of Town Center District
  • River and Amphitheater Project
  • Retain KSU Urban Design Center for Town Center Master Plan Study
  • New Commercial Development Underway
  • Ownership Transfer of Shopping Center - Renovation Plans Under Development
  • City Site Preparation Activity on 91 / Munroe Falls Avenue Property


  • Identify Opportunities for Market Driven Development
  • Capitalize on the Asset (River)
  • Create a Balance Between Physical Development and Environmental Preservation
  • Create a Mixed Use Town Center
  • Enhance Munroe Falls’ Identity as a Destination and Unique Place in the Northeast Ohio Region

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Town Center South

  • Proposed Development
  • Reconfigure Retail Development and Green Street Edge
  • New Commercial Development
  • Renovate Existing Retail Center
  • New Commercial Infill Development
  • Encourage Freestanding Monument (Ground) Signs and Attractive, Creative Signage
  • Increase Internal Circulation Options
  • Impact: Renovated Retail 8,800 Square Feet
  • New Commercial 30,700 Square Feet
  • Total 39,500 Square Feet
  • Create a Development That Blends the New and the Old
  • High Roof Pitches and Dormers
  • Use Natural Materials: Stone Base or Masonry
  • Detail Elements: Clock Tower, Storefront Systems and Awnings Could Be More Modern
  • Consider Use of an Alternate Roofing Material Such as a Standing Seam Roof