Why is my water bill so high?

Water bills are based upon your water usage. If the amount of your bill is higher than usual, your usage was higher than usual.  

The first thing you need to do is read your water meter. Compare that reading to the reading on your water bill. It should be the same or slightly higher depending on the date you take the reading. If there is a discrepancy, or if you have questions, contact the water department.  With the advanced, automatic water meters your reading was taken remotely. These meters are advanced in their technology and installed in 2015, so they are extremely accurate.  Water meters will slow down when they begin to break down; they do not speed up, so there is little to no chance that you are billed for more water than you actually used.

Second, think back over the last month about your water usage. Did you have guests? Do you have a "tricky" toilet that requires you to jiggle the handle for it to stop running? Did you receive a letter from the water department about a potential leak issue or continuous consumption? Again, you should check with the water department for your exact usage data.  We can help you determine if there could be a problem. 

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