Where is the water meter?

Because water meters have water moving through them they will freeze if exposed to cold weather in Northeast Ohio. For this reason, they are always located inside the home unless you have a pit on your property that can protect the meter. There are only a few homes in Munroe Falls that have a pit meter situation. 

The water meter is usually located in the basement if you have one.  If you have a slab foundation and no basement, the meter will be located where the water enters the house; usually near your hot water tank and will enter from the street facing side. It is a small, gray square unit with a lid that lifts open to expose a digital reading. The reading will display alternately with the flow rate.  

IF YOU HAVE AN OUTSIDE REMOTE UNIT (small blue square) THIS UNIT IS NO LONGER OPERABLE. These units were disconnected when the new AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) meters were installed. There are no residential services in Munroe Falls without an AMR meter (for City water service). 

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1. Where is the water meter?