How is Munroe Falls’s CIC configured?

Munroe Falls’s CIC, as stated in state law, requires that not less than two of five of the governing board members (trustees) of any CIC shall be composed of the Mayor and one or more member of the City’s legislative authority. Membership on the CIC by the Mayor and members of council does not constitute holding a public office and does not disqualify that member from holding other public offices.

In Accordance with Planning & Zoning Regulations

The CIC must act in accordance with all local planning and zoning regulations and all of its activities must be directed towards promoting and encouraging the development and growth within the municipality.

Creation Requirements

In the creation of a CIC, the Board of Trustees or Board Membership can be greater than five, keeping in mind that not less than two of five must be the Mayor and members Council. Consequently, if you have ten board members, you would have one Mayor and at least three members of council for a total of at least four of ten.

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