S.A.F.E. Box Program

Residents of Munroe Falls that, due to illness or decreased mobility, may not be able to open their doors for first responders.  You may be eligible for the S.A.F.E (safe and fast entry) Box Program.

Safe Box Loan

The Fire Department will provide (or loan) a small safe-like box that attaches to the home entry door. The box opens with a special key available only to Munroe Falls Fire Department personnel. The S.A.F.E box allows fast entry into a secured home, decreasing the likelihood of damage caused by forced entry.

Donated by Fire Rescue Association

All S.A.F.E boxes were purchased with a donation from the Munroe Falls Fire Rescue Association.

More Information

For more information, or to inquire if you may be eligible for the S.A.F.E Box Program, call the Munroe Falls Fire Department at 330-688-7493 or email us.