Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is managed by the City’s Director of Public Service, James Bowery, and is responsible for maintenance and operation of:

  • Public Streets and Rights of Way
  • Snow Plowing
  • Storm Water System
  • Water Lines and Valves
  • Water Department and EPA Compliance
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Public Buildings and Grounds 
  • Parks
  • Planning & Zoning 

Sanitary Sewers are maintained by Summit County Department Sanitary Sewer Service  or call DOSSS at 330-926-2400

Deer-Vehicle Accidents

The best way to avoid deer collisions with your vehicle is to be watchful not only for deer crossing the road but also for the driver in front of you that may slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a deer. While deer can and will move throughout the day, their primary movement times are at sunrise and sunset. Particular attention should be paid during the peak breeding season in October and November as well as the peak birthing season from April to June. These are the times you should be extra vigilant in watching for deer along roadways. While hitting a deer can cause serious damage to your vehicle, you run a better chance of injuring yourself or someone else by swerving off of the road. Therefore, it is recommended to slow down if you see a deer crossing the road in front of you. If you need to quickly stop to avoid hitting a deer, hit your brakes while maintaining your vehicle in the lane in which you are driving. Remember, deer crossing signs are only placed in areas throughout the city that have been identified as areas where deer regularly cross the road. However, deer can cross in front of you on any road throughout the city.


You may enjoy getting a closer look at local wildlife, like deer, when they wander into your yard. However purposely feeding wildlife may disrupt their natural hunting abilities and even cause them to be more susceptible to being hit and killed by motor vehicles in the area. Not to mention the dangers it can present to drivers by attracting wildlife to suburban communities. If you are lucky enough to see a deer or other wildlife, please view from afar, don’t try to touch or pet them, and do not put out food sources or salt licks to attract them. Remember, they are WILD life. 

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