Munroe Falls, along with our certified energy broker, strive to provide residents with low, stable gas and electric pricing options.  While it is not the "guaranteed" lowest price due to a volatile and ever-changing market, the contract terms are fixed and residents are not required to do anything to take advantage as long as you are enrolled.

If you have questions or would like to check your enrollment please call the aggregation supplier NOT the City Hall.  The City does not maintain records of enrollment or cancelation.  If you are not sure who your aggregation supplier is, please refer to your gas or electric bill.

It is always smart to shop for the best rate and terms to suit you and your household, but there are a lot of choices.  For a complete comparison of prices and options provided to you by the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) check out the "Apples to Apples" chart to see what is available to you.

  1. GAS 

Constellation Energy  1-844-516-5248

All residents and small businesses enrolled in the City of Munroe Falls Natural Gas Aggregation Program are supplied by Constellation Energy.  The current rate is $2.845/mcf for gas used from March 2020 through March 2024.   There is no fee for early termination if you "opt-out"

If you are not enrolled, you may "opt-in" at any time by calling Constellation at 1-844-516-5248.   

Please be aware that if you are contracted by another supplier, depending on the terms of your agreement, you could be charged a fee for early cancellation if you decide to change suppliers before your contract period ends.  Make sure to check before you switch.

You may also visit their website at

If you are unsure whether or not you are in this program, please call Constellation at (844)516-5248 to check on your status. Please do not call the City Hall.