Emergency and Shut Off Information 

In any water emergency, like a leak or burst pipe, you should first turn off the water supply at the valve, or the main valve at the meter, then call a plumbing professional unless you have the skills to fix the problem on your own.  You should know where your shut-off valves are located and if they are working properly. Depending on the severity of the situation you may even need to call your homeowners insurance.

Water Service Disconnection

If you require service disconnection at the street call 330-688-7491. There is a $25 charge added to the next water bill for the service of turning on and off the water during regular business hours. We will do our best to give emergencies priority attention. Otherwise, please allow a minimum of 48 hrs. for scheduling. 

After-Hours Service Disconnection

If you require service disconnection at the street after regular office hours call the 24-hour dispatch service at 330-688-3555. They will dispatch Water Department personnel to your home as quickly as possible. You will be charged a $50 call-out fee on your next water bill.

Important Note

Please be advised that it is illegal for persons other than water department personnel to disconnect a water meter or turn service on or off at the street. Even licensed plumbers must contact the water department to arrange these services. The property owner could be fined for tampering.

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