Buying or Selling a Home in Munroe Falls?

On top of moving, closing and everything else you have to do, you have to make sure to cancel or set up utility services.  This includes gas, electric, trash, water, and sewer at minimum for most homes in Munroe Falls.  Every community is different so we have prepared an Information Sheet to assist you with what to expect in our city...UTILITIES INFORMATION DATASHEET

For Water Service

SELLERS need to notify utilities that they are moving and when.  You could be responsible for services even after moving if you don’t.  Be sure to have your new mailing address handy and call or email the Water Department to arrange for a final meter reading for your water service.  The final reading is forwarded to the County for final sanitary sewer billing.   For information on other utilities click the information sheet link (above).

BUYERS must contact the Water Department, in addition to all the other utilities, to set up new service.  You will need to sign a water service agreement form and provide your contact information. If you don’t set up your utilities, services will likely be shut off until you do. So be sure to contact us before your property closes or transfers. 

RENTERS may sign up to have the water service in their name.  A security deposit of $150 is required along with a signed water service agreement form.  The property owner is ultimately responsible for all charges made against any property so they are provided notice that you have signed up for service, paid the deposit, and if the account becomes delinquent.

For Parents of School Age Children

If you have a child that needs to be enrolled in the Stow-Munroe Falls School District please visit the Stow-Munroe Falls Board of Education website for information and the enrollment here

For Realtors and Title Companies

Point of Sale inspections are not required 

Unpaid water charges may be certified to the property taxes in Munroe Falls. 

For both water account status and uncertified special assessments contact the Water Department Clerk (right) 

Meth Lab Disclosure form click here

  1. Kristina Simmons

    Deputy Clerk, Roads & Utilities
    Phone: 330-688-7491 Ext 223

  2. Physical Address
    43 Munroe Falls Avenue
    Munroe Falls, OH 44262


    Mailing Address
    43 Munroe Falls Avenue
    Munroe Falls, OH 44262

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